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Most of the software listed here is also available from my yum repository for Fedora. Download the krakoa.repo file and place it in /etc/yum.repos.d

Previews Reader

A GNOME interface for reading the Diamond Comics Previews catalog. Written using Python, PyGTK, and gnome-python.

Previews Reader README


Newest version is Previews Reader 0.5.2.

New in this version


GNOME Comics Organizer

GNOME Comics Organizer (GCO for short) is a program to help keep track of your comic book collection.

It has been written in Python using GTK+ and GNOME.

Requires python 2.3.x, gnome-python2 2.0.x, pygtk2 2.3.96 (or greater), libxml2-python 2.6.x.


Newest version is GNOME Comics Organizer 0.5.2.

New in this version



BackupFiller is a small script to help easily backup a directory (and all files and subdirectories in it) to CDs, DVDs or whatever.

BackupFiller creates path-list files that can be used together with mkisofs to produce iso images which can then be burned to CD or DVD.

Requires python.


Newest version is BackupFiller 0.2.

New in this version

Unmaintained software

If you came here looking for a specific program and cannot find it you might try looking at my list of old and unmaintained software.