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The yearly checkup

Progress to A Decision (graph)

Progress to A Decision (graph) by Progress to A Decision (graph). Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.

On Monday it was time for the annual parent-teacher conference where we got to how well the daughter was doing in school. Academically everything was going according to plan – with the exception of a few minor issues in math (which just requires a few more repetitions).

Socially she had improved a lot and had gotten much better at articulating problems and needs.

Things we need to work on: More speed! She is not particularly fast at doing assignments so we have to figure out a way to speed her up. She also has problems believing in her own abilities (which may partially explain her lack of speed as well) – we have to focus on getting her to realize that she actually is quite talented.

All in all it was a pleasant talk and I feel we can rightly be proud of the daughter.