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New (used) car

Yesterday we signed the papers for our new (used) car. The car will be a Mitsubishi Colt Inform+ Coolpack 1.3 from 2005 that has gone 81.000km. It has just been serviced so we should have two years (or 20.000km – whichever comes first) before we need to have it looked over.

It has an annoying sound coming from the ventilator fan but that will be fixed before we get it. Along with the car we also get a set of winter tires and when we hand in our old car they will move our P-watch to the new car. All at the reasonable price of 75.480DKK.

Hopefully by next Monday we will be driving around in a new car – and pictures will follow by then.

New bank, new car?

The appraisal of the house is scheduled for Monday and the bank accounts are all in place and the new credit cards should be sent our way soon. So if the house gets appraised at the right price it looks like we are changing banks.

Our local auto dealer called and said he had just the car for us – a blue Mitsubishi Colt from 2005 that has gone 80.000km and has just had a full checkup. The price (after swapping in our old car) will be 77.500DKR. We can stop by next Friday and take it for a spin. Hopefully it will be a nice ride and we can get a car with air-conditioning for the summer.