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ELAG2010 in Helsinki

I will be leaving for ELAG2010 tomorrow and hopefully it will be an exciting conference. It will be my first time in Helsinki, Finland and I have talked it over with the kids and explained how many days I will be gone and where in the world Helsinki is.

After the talk the daughter made this small list:

At the top are five small boxes that she will be checking off – one per day. The first four contain a v (for away – væk) and the last contains a j (for home – hjemme). That way she will be able to keep track of when I’m coming home.

She also wrote that I will be gone on vacation (“feje” = ferie = vacation). When I tried explaining to her that I actually had to work she merely remarked that “if I was traveling then it is a vacation”.

Ticer Summer School 2009

On Thursday I left for Tilburg to give a lecture on integrated search at the Ticer Summer School. I enjoyed it a lot – the other lecturers were great, the students really participated, and the event was well planed.

And to make everything even better I wasn’t stopped once by airport security. So all in all I had a nice time, and I even managed to see a bit of Tilburg on Saturday before I had to catch my flight home.

Storage Cabinet

A while ago at work we had a discussion about how to design a storage cabinet (for hard drives) that was both practical and cheap. The idea we ended up with was taking some sort IKEA furniture, putting in a power supply, and then adding a bunch of SATA-to-USB converters.

However it appears that a company called Addonics have already had that idea – except their stuff actually looks professional. I am sure it would be possible to build a nice little storage cabinet using their Storage Tower, a NAS Adapter, and some other bits.

Asperger no more?

I spent Wednesday through Friday at the third (and last) part of my project management course. This was the touchy-feely part of the course which involved smaller groups, feedback, lots of words, and videotaping and observation by a psychologist.

At the end of the course we all had to tell the other participants what we thought their strengths were. The psychologist also weighed in with his professional opinion after having observed us for three days.

So what did the psychologist think my strength was? My “ability to see and understand human relations”.

When I told this to my wife her first reaction was to laugh, and demand that the psychologist had his license taken away. After thinking about it for a while she came to the conclusion that I may just be good at picking up the rules of the game, and therefore I was able to play along in this controlled setting… Whatever the case may be this is the first time I have ever been told that I am good at human relations.

I did also get to act the part of a somewhat arrogant, technically confident computer scientist with a temper – something that came perhaps a bit too naturally to me.