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New Wii Games

I was rummaging through my drawers yesterday and found a gift certificate from my birthday last year. I decided to spend it on Wii games.

I bought Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Metroid: Other M. I haven’t had a chance to pop them in yet but based on the reviews they seem like fairly good games. I really like the Metroid series (even if I do suck at them) and Shattered Dimensions seems like a real nerdy Spider-Man game with the ability to play as regular Spidey, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir. Should be fun.

Just Dance 2

I received Just Dance 2 in the mail today and took it for a test drive with the daughter. This game is great fun and has a lot of fun songs. It is a pretty simple game where you wiggle your arms like a maniac trying to mimic the on-screen dancer. Nothing fancy but it just works. The dance sequences are pretty neat and it is even a great spectator game.

So if you have young people in the house then I highly recommend this game. For the older kids (and adults) I still think something like Dance Dance Revolution is better but Just Dance 2 is way more accessible.

A birthday and lots of Wii games

My birthday came and went (I am now 33) and with came lots of Wii games. The wife and kids bought three games for me and I have now had the chance to play all of them.

Boom Blox Bash Party is a little puzzle game where you throw stuff at blocks to get them to fall over. As with all good puzzle games the concept is simple but some of the stages require more than a few attempts as it is necessary to bounce the bricks off each other in order to knock them all down.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is (as can be expected) a fighting game. This game has all the stuff that makes the Street Fighter series great – the combo system and the great attacks. It is then coupled with some really great characters from somewhat obscure (at least to me) Japanese animation. All in all it adds up to some really nice visuals.

Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor is a sci-fi rails shooter. I never played the original on Nintendo 64 but this sequel is just amazing. The action is great, the enemies are varied (and sometimes huge) – and there are lots of them! There is a nice checkpoint system which means you never have to start over too far back in a stage – although your score gets reset when you continue. The graphics are really nice for a Wii game and you spin around dodging shots and trying to shoot anything that moves. Great fun!

Bit.Trip Void

I was browsing the Wii Shop Channel and since I had 900 points and therefore couldn’t buy any of the “big” games without locating my credit card I decided to buy Bit.Trip Void. As with the other games in the series it is based around pixelated graphics and a rhythmic gameplay.

The gameplay in Void is a bit more “freeform” than in the previous games as you now get to move freely around the two dimensions of the screen. It is still as addictive (and difficult) as the previous games and is highly recommended as a game to play if you have five minutes to kill.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Littlest Pet Shop

Santa brought along two games for the Wii this Christmas: New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Littlest Pet Shop (for the daughter).

Super Mario Bros. is an incredible game – as could be expected. The graphics and sound are both excellent for a 2D platformer, and the level design is fantastic (and I’ve only gotten to world 2). So if you like platformers this one is a must-have.

The daughter has spent around an hour or so playing Littlest Pet Shop, and she thinks it is remarkably fun. You play minigames to earn money to buy clothes, toys and pets, and then you get to dress up and play with those pets. Littlest Pet Shop toys were one of the she things she most wanted for Christmas this year, and the game really fits will into the rest of the franchise. And all the in-game text is available in Danish which as always nice.

Learning with the PooYoos Episode 1

I just bought Learning with the PooYoos Episode 1 for the son. It was a WiiWare download for 500 points (ie. 5 Euros), which means I just downloaded it on a whim to see if a game targeted at 3-6 year-olds could be any fun.

Now my son is only 2 but he managed to play the game just fine. All the kid has to do is shake the wiimote or mash some buttons on it. Simple enough. The colors are bright, the characters are cute – what else can you ask for? The only real problem is that the game features English speech, so I have to be nearby to give the instructions.

The game consists of 6 minigames of which 2 are dancing games (which the son did not care for at all – but you can mash buttons and make stuff happen while the characters dance, so it was okay), 2 are “push any button and stuff happens” games. Which only leaves 2 actual games: One is a very simple game where you shake the wiimote to blow up bubbles (great fun!) and the other is a pattern matching game where you have to figure out which character matches a given silhouette.

So even though 500 points isn’t a lot it still seems a bit much for what is basically 4 very small minigames. I guess it all depends on the replay value (which I can’t comment on yet). However given that this is the only Wii game that targets really young kids I think it is a must-have for families with small children.

Geometry Wars Galaxies

While buying some ink cartridges for my printer online I noticed they also sold Wii games. They had Geometry Wars Galaxies on sale for 68DKR – and since I was paying for shipping anyway I thought to myself that I might as well buy it.

It is a great little game, but it does feel like something that should have been released as WiiWare (but since I didn’t pay more for it than a regular WiiWare title I am okay with that). The graphics are simple, but the action is over the top. Think Asteroids on drugs.

If you can get it at a low price, then buy it.

Driift Mania

This Friday’s WiiWare releases included both Driift Mania (800 points) and Tales of Monkey Island (1000 points). It just so happened that I had exactly 800 points left in my account, and I fondly remember playing Super Off Road on my Amiga 500 – so I just had to buy Driift Mania (but don’t worry, I will buy Tales of Monkey Island later).

The doesn’t disappoint. It takes some time to get used to the way drifting works, but it is easily playable from the second the first race starts. There is a definite focus on multiplayer racing (up to 8 players), but for many of the different multiplayer games the computer can take over when you don’t have any friends to play with. Unfortunately there is no way to play against friends online.

I really miss having weapons (like in Super Cars) but this is a great game when you have a few minutes to kill.


Recently I bought MadWorld for the Wii. I bought it mainly for the nice visuals, and because it looked like a simple beat ’em up game. And indeed the game is pretty much just a basic beat ’em up – however after playing it for a while it becomes apparent that the goal of the game isn’t really to complete it. It is actually much more about seeing how many points you can get for a kill by trying out all sorts of combinations of items and attacks. I am hoping that this will help keep the game interesting for a long time. There is just something oddly fascinating about throwing a trash can over a guy’s head, then ramming him through with a sign post only to finish him off by tossing him in front of a speeding train.

Did I mention this game is rated “Mature”?

Guitar Hero: Metallica and EA Sports Active

A few days ago I bought two new games for the Wii: Guitar Hero: Metallica for myself, and EA Sports Active for the wife.

Guitar Hero: Metallica is without a doubt the best Guitar Hero game yet. This is just the kind of music you want to pretend-play on a small white plastic guitar in your living room – or maybe it just fits well with my own taste in music.

EA Sports Active as a fitness game is more focused on getting your heart rate up than Wii Fit is. EA Sports Active also makes it possible to put together a series of workouts so that the delay between exercises gets eliminated (a feature that is also set to appear in Wii Fit Plus).

So all in all both of these game are worth buying.