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Previews Reader 0.4.4

New release of Previews Reader. Mainly bugfixes to the downloader and some updated urls of download locations. Go download it or get it via the yum repository.

Quack 0.0.4

New release of Quack. I have been messing around with the applet code but in the end I just couldn’t make it work. In this new version I have implemented a status icon instead. The icon will appear in the notification area and clicking it will hide/show the main window of Quack.

yum repository updated to Fedora 8

I have updated my yum repository to include rpms for Fedora 8.

Quack 0.0.3

Another version of Quack. This is mainly a bugfix release – so see if it works for you.

BackupFiller 0.1

Once again I find myself trying to fill up a small stack of DVDs with backups of pictures and home movies – this time however I decided to script my way out of the problem.

Thus BackupFiller was born.

BackupFiller is a small script to help easily backup a directory (and all files and subdirectories in it) to CDs, DVDs or whatever. It does this by creating path-list files that can be used together with mkisofs to produce iso images which can then be burned to CD or DVD.

Example: DVD “/home/maxx/Documents”

This will create a number of backupset-<n>.lst files each of which can be turned into an iso image roughly the size of a DVD using the following mkisofs command:

mkisofs -joliet-long -r -iso-level 4 -D -graft-points -path-list backupset-1.lst -o backup-1.iso

I hope that this can be useful for someone other than me as well. Go get it.

Quack bzr repository

I have pushed my bzr repository so that any interested people can follow along in the development of Quack.

I will try to push updates to it whenever I feel I have done something moderately interesting locally.

To fetch it run the following command

bzr checkout

Quack 0.0.2

Released a new version of Quack. This version might actually run on other peoples machines…

I also updated the krakoa.repo file to include the new packages. So download that file and place it in /etc/yum.repos.d

Then run:

yum install quack

At the moment the packages are only available for Fedora 7.

Quack 0.0.1

I recently got on (my username there is maxx) and I noticed they had a public API.

So I have made a small GNOME application called Quack. It allows you to set your location and send messages and it also shows notifications when your contacts post new messages. Go get it.

Previews Reader 0.4.3

I have made a new release of Previews Reader. It’s mainly some bugfixes and updates to the downloader which means that it now has a better chance of actually downloading the relevant files. Go get it.

Previews Reader 0.4.2

Brown paper bag release. Small bugfix so that previews-downloader now actually uses the arguments it is given. Also fixed a bug when showing shipped items. Go get it.