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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Went to the movies today to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It has received a rating of 20% at Rotten Tomatoes and 6.5/10 at IMDB, and it has so far grossed $200M at the US box office.

So what did I think of it? It is nowhere near as entertaining as the first Transformers movie. The plot itself is okay, but the way it gets presented in the movie is just not interesting – even though it does leave more room for robots fighting. The jokes are painfully bad… They pretty must managed to ruin every scene that had the twin robots in it – and if you are going to make a movie that at least tries to take the concept of alien robots seriously, then don’t show giant robot testicles. And I still have a problem with the “realistic” look of the robots themselves. I would much rather have a more traditional robot-like appearance since that would at least allow me to tell the difference between them, and also allow for a broader range of emotion.

Normally I would say to wait for a movie of this quality to come out on DVD, but since this is such a huge movie, and (most of) the action scenes work so well I have to recommend seeing it at the movies – just don’t expect too much.

Monsters vs. Aliens 3D

Yesterday we asked the babysitter to come by and watch the kids while the wife and I went to the movies to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D.

The movie itself is fine. The animation is great, it has plenty of gags, references and memorable moments, but the story isn’t all too interesting. Of course compared to most of the monster movies of the 50’s it does have a better plot. The scene were the presidents greets the alien robot is especially great with references to more than a few great movies.

What really made it interesting for me was the 3D part. Of course you had to sit there using silly glasses but the effect was quite convincing. They didn’t do a lot of gimmick shots were everything is coming straight at your head, but for me that was fine – I mainly liked the 3D effect for the simpler scences were it just added a great feel of depth to the movie.

I definitely recommend seeing this movie in 3D – and I hope more of the new animated movies will be shown in 3D as well.


Went to see Watchmen on Friday with a couple of guys from work. Two of us were fans of the comic book, and the other two had never read it.

We all thought it was a good movie, but I was clear that those of us who had read the comic book had an advantage as some of the backstory had to be cut out to keep the movie under three hours. Many of the scenes were taken directly from the comic book, which for me was a great experience.

Watchmen only has 64% on, which I think is a bit on the low side. I would give it around 90% – and I am looking forward to seeing the extended edition when it comes out on DVD.

Burn After Reading and My Name is Bruce

As always any movie by the Coen brothers is bound to be enjoyable. And while their take on the spy-movie genre in “Burn After Reading” isn’t necessarily the greatest movie they have ever made the it is still way better than most other movies. The characters, the acting, and the story are all great. I have no idea how they do it, but they have to ability to the most simple story into something that is compelling to watch, and the actors always seem to go the extra mile when they are in a Coen brothers movie. So watch this movie if you haven’t already.

I also felt in the mood for a real B-movie today – so I watched “My Name is Bruce“. It had all the ingredients of a great Bruce Campbell movie: Corny dialog, lots of fake blood, humor. But it is probably only worth watching if you are a already fan of Bruce Campbell – if not go watch Bubba Ho-Tep (and the Evil Dead movies, and Army of Darkness), and then come back and watch “My Name is Bruce”.

Greasy burger, movie, and Wii

Had a colleague stop by today for a little socializing outside of work. We went to the local grill and picked up way too much food, popped and movie in the dvd-player, and afterwards played some Wii. Good times. He also brought along some very tasty cupcakes – which we were too full to eat, so more for me now 🙂

The movie we saw was Wanted. Based on a comic book by Mark Millar it has more great action scenes than pretty much any movie I have seen. Highly recommended.

After this we powered up the Wii where I once again found out that I suck at Mario Kart. Still great fun, though.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Stunning visuals (though more Guillermo del Toro than Mike Mignola), great story. Whether or not you actually like the Hellboy comics this is a movie worth seeing.

Watchmen Action Figures

There will probably be a lot of merchandise made for the Watchmen movie – and the first action figures have just arrived. I decided to get Rorschach and Nite Owl (Modern).


I have a small collection of action figures (more on that in a later blog post), but these may be the first I decide to keep in their original packaging – the packaging is just that nicely done.

Kung Fu Panda

On Saturday while the daughter was out playing at a friend’s house we decided to rent a movie. And to make sure it ended up being at least somewhat interesting for they boy we ended up with Kung Fu Panda. This was a great and entertaining movie. Jack Black did a great job voicing the panda. I got the feeling that they knew who would be doing the voice before they did the final character design since there were a lot of similarities between Po the panda and Jack Black.

All in all a success – and the boy loved all the action sequences.

The Spirit

Went to the movies on Friday to see The Spirit. I am a sucker for comic books being turned into to movies, and letting Frank Miller put Will Eisner’s crime fighter on the big screen seemed like a good thing.

The visual side of the movie doesn’t disappoint. Frank Miller delivers a look that is very recognizable, yet far enough removed from the look of Sin City to be unique.

The dialogue and feel of the movie is very noir – perhaps too much noir. The first half of the movie is quite slow, but it gets a lot better in the last part – in particular because the humor and sarcasm really kicks in.

I have never been a fan of The Spirit so I can’t comment on how loyal it is to the source material.

All in all not a movie I can recommend, really. Watch it on DVD if you like comic books and Frank Miller.


Bought WALL·E today. This is in my opinion one of the best movies Pixar has made. But then again they are all great… What I loved about this movie was that they managed to really give the robots emotions – while still somehow keeping them looking like robots. The same way they made the lamps come to life in the original Luxo Jr. short film.

I see it as a very sweet love story between two robots, but the movie also touches on other issues, such as mankind’s dependence on technology, obesity, conformity, and more.

And the short films are great. Not For the Birds great, but they kept me entertained.

Highly recommended. Buy it now.