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Took off early from work today along with some colleagues to go see Machete.

Great movie! I was entertained all the way. It had everything I expected and it perfectly managed to stay true to the “good” old exploitation movies.The hero’s family is killed, he gets set up for a crime, and he wants revenge. Along the way there is lots of violence and babes – and the hero gets all the girls. Just the way it should be. And the movie has one of the most badass death sequences.

So see this movie.

Adventureland, 9, and Moon

Wednesday night was a movie night. It has been a while since I have last seen three movies in a row, but I managed to pick movies from different genres and all them good movies at that.

Adventureland is a coming-of-age comedy/drama by the director of Superbad. Not as funny as Superbad but more of a quiet look into the life and times of a bunch of kids working crappy summer jobs at an amusement park. I am a sucker for these things – always have been, always will be.

9 is a computer animated film about what happens after the war between man and machine has wiped out all human life. The ability to destroy the machines is given to 9 puppet-like creations (that remind me a bit of Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet) and what follows is their adventure to discover the meaning of their existence. Not a new plot by far, but it doesn’t matter as the visual side is so well done.

Moon is in my opinion one of the greatest examples of how to make a great science fiction movie. No aliens, no (really) freaky stuff – just the story of a guy working alone on the moon for three years in the not-too distant future. With a fantastic performance by Sam Rockwell. If you are at all interested in sci-fi then this is a must-see film.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

“Only” six year after the release of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence I took the time to sit down and watch it. As I expected it was a beautifully animated movie, and a bit heavy on the philosophy.

I liked the original Ghost in the Shell better, but the sequel (if one can actually call it that) is definitely worth watching. Batou is as bad-ass as ever but be prepared for the fact that this is “just” another movie that takes place in the same universe, and not really a sequel to the story of Major Kusanagi.

Alice in Wonderland 3D

This should have been a small review of Alice in Wonderland 3D which I went to see a few weeks ago – but since it has been so long I will just say that I enjoyed it (not Tim Burton’s greatest movie but a good movie nonetheless) – however I thought the 3D effects could have been utilized better.

One nice thing was the new and improved 3D glasses. They were smaller and more comfortable – and they finally realized that it makes sense to have them in kids sizes as well (which should come in handy for Toy Story 3).

Sherlock Holmes

Went to the movies with a couple of guys from work to see Sherlock Holmes. A thoroughly entertaining movie. Not a lot to say about it really. Great performances by all the actors, London looked fantastic, and it had the right ratio between “typical Guy Ritchie” movie and “traditional Sherlock Holmes” movie.

Definitely worth watching.

District 9 and Star Trek XI

Spent the day with a couple of guys from work watching movies and eating junk food.

The movies we save were District 9 and Star Trek XI. Both were great science fiction movies but they are two very different movies. Star Trek is of course Star Trek – although it has now been rebooted in an alternate timeline. It has great characters, great oneliners, great action, and is very shiny. District 9 on the other hand is gritty and filmed in a documentary style. It has a lot to say about racism, fear of things we don’t understand, and big corporations’ utter lack of responsibility.

These are definitely movies worth watching.

Avatar 3D

Went with a couple of colleagues to see Avatar 3D today. I don’t quite know what to make of this movie. It is without a doubt a great technical achievement, but it is sorely lacking any kind of surprising character development or plot twists. Everything just goes along the trail you recognize right at the beginning of the movie. But the characters and the landscape is beautifully rendered and the actors’ faces really shine through in the animation.

I really don’t think I can recommend watching this movie unless you go see it at the theater. I thought the 3D effects really added something to the movie – I just love the depth it gives to all the small scenes.

One third of Up

Took the daughter to see Up in 3D today. Not a huge success unfortunately… Right from the start she did not like the 3D effect at all – she actually thought it was downright scary that stuff flew out of the big screen.

She enjoyed the short film Partly Cloudy and thought it was a really sweet story. She also really liked the beginning of the movie, but thought it was really sad that they didn’t get to go to South America, and that Carl lost his wife.

However when they faced the storm in their flying house it was all a bit too much, and we had to leave the theater and go home.

But judging from what I have seen of the movie it looks to be one of the best Pixar movies to date – and they managed to use the 3D effects better than Monsters vs. Aliens.

So go see it – I know I can’t wait until I get a chance to see the rest of it.

Inglorious Basterds

Went with a colleague to see the new Tarantino movie Inglorius Basterds on Friday. As expected the movie was very entertaining. As usual in Tarantino’s movies there is a large cast of memorable characters, but what I really liked about the movie was the way many of the scenes had been shot in a style that reminded me of old westerns – especially the “you know this is gonna end badly” scene in the basement with the nazis. Recommended.

Before the movie there was a trailer for Zombieland which looked like a lot fun. I mean who doesn’t like zombies…

On Saturday I finally got around to watching Fight Club… Only ten years after it was released. An interesting movie although I do think it must have felt more revolutionary when it came out. A fine movie. I am glad I saw it, but I probably won’t be seeing it again soon. But it does make we wonder what other cult-ish movies I have missed out on in the last decade?

The Guild Season Premiere

Even though I am in no way a gamer (and have never played a MMORPG) I still find The Guild to be immensely entertaining.

The season 3 premiere is available now, and it contains a surprise appearance by a certain former Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member.