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Obi-Wan Giraffe aka. Quitting the Pacifier

The boy has for a long time only been using his pacifier at night, and for the last two weeks we have been working him to give it up completely. He was promised a teddy bear from Build-a-Bear when he quit – the point being that he could put a pacifier inside the bear and therefor it wouldn’t be gone completely.

We agreed that on Saturday we would go and get him the teddy bear. The result? A stuffed giraffe. Dressed as a Jedi. But all that matters is that the boy is happy and that he slept through the first night without a pacifier without ever waking up – and the second night is looking good so far as well.

Now we just need him to stop using diapers…

Taking the boy to the dentist

Dentist Day By Francis Bourgouin. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

Yesterday I took the boy to his first dentist appointment. Technically it was his second but since he was unwilling to open his mouth the first time I don’t really think it counts.

We had spent a lot of time talking about why you have to open your mouth for the dentist and before leaving home we had a solid agreement that he he would in fact be cooperative.

Upon arriving at the dentist’s office he was quite cheerful and willing to say his name to the receptionist. We played a few games while we waited and when it was his turn he walked gladly up the stairs – and it wasn’t until we were seated in the chair that he clenched up.

After a few minutes of persuasion from the dentist and myself he opened his mouth – not a lot but enough for the dentist the see what he needed to see. No use of force was needed.

Next year he has agreed to open his mouth even wider – provided I am the one that goes with him.

Begun the addiction has

The boy has now discovered Star Wars – specifically The Clone Wars. So far he is mostly into the light sabers and blasters but the proud dad is trying to cram his little head full of useful knowledge about the Star Wars universe.

Today he also got his first set of Lego Star Wars (I personally prefer traditional action figures but the boy wanted Lego).

Gymnastics Christmas Card – Snow Comes Early

Every year the gymnastics association make a Christmas card that they sell to make some money for the association. So all the kids were invited to take part in the picture – and they were asked to wear a Christmas outfit. There was a lot of foam to make it look like the picture was taken in the snow and afterwards the kids all got popcorn. Great fun for the kids.

Me in a tree

I was going through some pictures from the vacation and found one of myself in a tree.

That is all.

Lots of stuff

This should have been several blog posts with longer descriptions but due to lack of time it will be mostly pictures.

The girl has been doing gymnastics in summer school – and gotten a diploma for it. We had the traditional “burning of the witch” for Midsummer’s Day. I took both of the kids to Randers Rainforest which was a small challenge as they most definitely aren’t interested in the same kinds of animals. The summer came and the kids played outside. We took the kids to the Zoo. And we started harvesting the crops from our yard (potatoes at first, then a truckload of strawberries, redcurrants, and rhubarbs.

ELAG2010 in Helsinki

I will be leaving for ELAG2010 tomorrow and hopefully it will be an exciting conference. It will be my first time in Helsinki, Finland and I have talked it over with the kids and explained how many days I will be gone and where in the world Helsinki is.

After the talk the daughter made this small list:

At the top are five small boxes that she will be checking off – one per day. The first four contain a v (for away – væk) and the last contains a j (for home – hjemme). That way she will be able to keep track of when I’m coming home.

She also wrote that I will be gone on vacation (“feje” = ferie = vacation). When I tried explaining to her that I actually had to work she merely remarked that “if I was traveling then it is a vacation”.

A birthday and lots of Wii games

My birthday came and went (I am now 33) and with came lots of Wii games. The wife and kids bought three games for me and I have now had the chance to play all of them.

Boom Blox Bash Party is a little puzzle game where you throw stuff at blocks to get them to fall over. As with all good puzzle games the concept is simple but some of the stages require more than a few attempts as it is necessary to bounce the bricks off each other in order to knock them all down.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is (as can be expected) a fighting game. This game has all the stuff that makes the Street Fighter series great – the combo system and the great attacks. It is then coupled with some really great characters from somewhat obscure (at least to me) Japanese animation. All in all it adds up to some really nice visuals.

Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor is a sci-fi rails shooter. I never played the original on Nintendo 64 but this sequel is just amazing. The action is great, the enemies are varied (and sometimes huge) – and there are lots of them! There is a nice checkpoint system which means you never have to start over too far back in a stage – although your score gets reset when you continue. The graphics are really nice for a Wii game and you spin around dodging shots and trying to shoot anything that moves. Great fun!

Parent-teacher conference and a possible future career

comprehend by billaday. Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic

We went to talk with the daughter’s teacher tonight to hear about how she was doing in school and how she had progressed during the past year.

She is doing fine in just about all areas – with the exception of one: she is a bit too shy when she has to stand alone and talk in front of the whole class. However if she is doing a song and dance routine with a few of the other kids then she has no problem being front and center. So we will have to find a way to work on that.

When we got home afterwards the daughter proudly proclaimed that she had decided what she wanted to be when she grows up… An inventor! And she already had her first inventions planned.

  • An eraser that can erase ink
  • “Grassy-tiles”… Tiles with tiny holes that you can then plant grass in. She wasn’t really sure who would actually buy some of these but she was convinced somebody would be interested.

Number of steps in a day

So you are supposed to walk at least 10000 steps a day to stay healthy (whatever that means). The wife has been participating in an experiment at the school where she works to see how many steps they took. She wound up somewhere between 13000 and 18000 depending on whether or not it was a work day and and if she went running in the evening.

So how many steps do I take? I borrowed the wife’s pedometer for a day and the result was 12616 steps. Which I think is okay when taking into account that I sit on a chair most of the day. I do walk to and from the train station and I estimate that this adds up to 6 km. With 1320 steps per kilometer this gives me 7920 steps. On top of this I then walk approximately 3.5 kilometers going to meetings, playing Wii, going shopping, walking around the house and garden, playing with the kids, etc.