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Attack of the 10 foot trampoline

I was sitting in the living room today with the kids and some guests, and I look out the window. What I see is a 10 foot blue trampoline coming tumbling towards the house!

It crashes down on our fence, and settles there.

I really need to start thinking with my camera more because I didn’t take a single picture of the trampoline – and it actually looked quite dramatic all bent out of shape over the fence. All I managed to do was snap a picture after we had gotten the trampoline dragged back to the neighbour.

Luckily the flying trampoline didn't do a lot of damage

Luckily the flying trampoline didn't do a lot of damage

Don’t Fence Me In

This weekend was spent along with the in-laws doing work in the garden. We laid down some bricks around the playhouse, and put up a fence around one of the terraces. I am constantly amazed at how much sand is required to put down a few bricks, and how much soil you end up removing just to put a couple of poles in the ground.

The Father-In-Law Strikes Again: The Swingset

I spent my Saturday working for a small startup company I am part of called Refind. And while I was away the in-laws stopped by, and my father-in-law put up a swingset and a slide for the kids. So now we know where to find the kids for the better part of the summer. Unless of course the swingset itself gets eaten up by the quicksand-like thing that pretends to be our lawn. We’ll see if it dries itself out over summer, but if not we’ll have to look into some sort of drainage system.


Heat and light

My father-in-law was kind enough to drop by this weekend and put up some motion activated lamps in the driveway, and while he was at it he insulated the shed as well.

Thank you very much.

Garden II completed

The second round of gardening is done and we are happy with the results. Although when it rains parts of the garden end up being completely flooded… A project for next year I guess.

When I get up in the morning or if I go out at night I almost always see a hare or two running around the neighborhood – which is actually quite nice. However they have started gnawing at the bark on our trees. Therefore we also spent the weekend bunny-proofing the trees. I wonder how it will take the hares to figure out a work-around…

Garden II

Today the gardening company began the second round. They have begun preparing for the new terrace and walkway. And while doing so they have apparently decided that it is okay to block off more than half the street…

And yes – I am not very good at taking pictures in low light conditions.

New garden

We have decided to go ahead and hire the same gardening company that planted the hedge and grass, and get them to do the majority of the work for the new garden layout.

It will be interesting to find out when they can fit it into their busy schedule.

Garden layout

Today we received the layout for our garden. So with some hard work and patience this is what our garden will look like in five years time.

Sorry about the weird colors. The actual drawing is so large I had to scan it in four parts and stitch it together in the GIMP. And the colors were kind of washed out so I tried my hand at color restoration – and this is as good as I can get it.

New playhouse

The in-laws stopped by today to set up the kids’ new playhouse (built and designed by my father-in-law).

While they were here they also helped remove the weeds along the new hedge. So now it actually looks quite nice – although it probably won’t be really nice until next year (or the year after that…). But at least we are slowly making progress. Tomorrow we should get a nice schematic for how to layout the garden (where to put the trees, bushes, etc.).

Yay rain!

These last few days the rain has been coming down slow and steady – which means that the new lawn and bushes have been getting plenty of water without me having to run around with a hose.

The lawn looks like it is mostly composed of weeds at the moment… Hopefully it will improve once it has gotten the once over by the lawnmover in a few weeks time. If not we will plant more grass later.