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Ikea Hack – Standing Desk

I made an Ikea Hack and fashioned together a standing desk out of two shelves and some legs.

I used the Ekby Viktor shelf for the large top shelf where the external screen is and the Ekby Laiva shelf for the stand for the laptop (or keyboard/mouse).

For the legs I need some with a reasonable height that were also adjustable so I could make one shelf fit under the other. I ended up using the Godmorgon legs which can go from 22cm to 25cm. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap and I needed 8 of them…

The prices are as follows: Ekby Viktor: 29DKK; Ekby Laiva: 15DKK; 8 Godmorgon legs: 400DKK. All in all 444DKK for a hopefully useful approximation of a standing desk that doesn’t take too much effort to set up and use.

Yes, the screens are dusty and greasy.

No, the two shelves aren’t exactly the same color (one is black, the other is black/brown).

Yes, the external screen is up too high when I am sitting down but I am considering using the laptop as the main display when sitting down.

I will however need a wireless mouse since there isn’t quite enough room for both the cable and the mouse since the USB port is on the right side. I can use the trackpad on the laptop if I need to but I am so old that I still prefer a mouse.

ikea_hack_standing_desk_1 ikea_hack_standing_desk_2 ikea_hack_standing_desk_3 ikea_hack_standing_desk_4

Sugru FTW

I recently bought a pack of Sugru. I kept 3 packets for myself and passed the rest around the office. This is really great stuff… I had a broken soap dispenser in the kitchen sink. It would leak soap from the pump mechanism due to a fractured piece of plastic. I rinsed it with lots of water to make sure there was no soap residue and jammed in a bit of Sugru. Now it works perfectly again – maybe even a bit better as it seems the plastic broke due to it rocking slightly back and forth every time you squished out some soap and the Sugru appears to be flexible enough that this shouldn’t be an issue.

I didn’t use that much for the soap dispenser, so I tried using the rest to keep a rivet in place that had jumped out of its joint – so far it is holding up but it is under more pressure than I would expect Sugru to hold up to.

My next Sugru fix came when a bathroom sink started leaking from the drain trap. It is a plastic drain trap that consists of two plastic parts glued together and it came slightly apart at the seam (why this wasn’t a solid mold I do not understand). I took it off, let it dry and put Sugru all the way around. No more leaking. Unfortunately I didn’t have any white Sugru so now it’s filled with blue stuff…

My conclusion it that you should always have a bit of Sugru in the house – it is just too damn handy.


The wife and the in-laws went shopping for shrubs today and the father-in-law cleared the bed of weeds and planted the shrubs. I got to drive away the trash.

The end result is very nice. The problem we will face next summer is that we now have nowhere to plant potatoes, peas and carrots – something we have been very pleased with this year. I foresee work preparing a new vegetable garden in the spring next year.

Lots of stuff

This should have been several blog posts with longer descriptions but due to lack of time it will be mostly pictures.

The girl has been doing gymnastics in summer school – and gotten a diploma for it. We had the traditional “burning of the witch” for Midsummer’s Day. I took both of the kids to Randers Rainforest which was a small challenge as they most definitely aren’t interested in the same kinds of animals. The summer came and the kids played outside. We took the kids to the Zoo. And we started harvesting the crops from our yard (potatoes at first, then a truckload of strawberries, redcurrants, and rhubarbs.

Light Bulb Goes Kaboom!

Tonight while the wife was watching some TV I suddenly heard a loud popping noise. It turns out a halogen light bulb had exploded…

So now the glass was everywhere and I could start cleaning up the mess. And after 45 minutes of manually collecting the largest shards, followed be vacuuming, and finally washing the floor, table, and sofa I think the living room is relatively free from small pieces of glass.

Not my idea of an evening well spent. Next time I think I will look for LED light bulbs instead.

More snow stuff

A better picture of the snow that feel off the roof, and a picture of some snow that didn’t quite make it all the way down.

No more snow on the roof

… or at least no more snow on half the roof.

This evening I was emptying the dish washer and I heard a strange sound coming from the ceiling. It sounded like something was running around the attic, and I thought we were going to have to deal with some animal making a lot of noise every night. Then after 30 seconds it got really loud – as in thunder storm loud. You could literally feel the house shake.

I went out to have a look and this is what I saw.

That is basically all the snow on one side of the roof that slid down and landed in the yard.

It’s alive!

quite the en-lightning evening by duane.schoon. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.

Status update on the car and the heating.

Even after having the car hooked up to the charger for several hours I was still unable to start the car. Luckily the in-laws were willing to drive down with a new car battery, so now the car starts just fine.

The wife mentioned on Facebook that our heating had died, and one of the other residents in the neighborhood read it, and called us up saying he knew a quick hack to get the heat flowing again. 10 minutes later the pump was hooked directly into the power and a few knobs were adjusted to give a meaningful temperature. So I guess I have to admit that Facebook can be used for something…

Heating died

Cold by I got bored with my screen name. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.

When I woke up this morning the bathroom floor didn’t feel quiet as toasty warm as usual. It turns out the receiver box for the floor heating has died. It doesn’t appear to be anything as simple as the small fuse inside the box, so we will probably have to call in the professionals.

One major mistake in the design of the box is that there doesn’t appear to be anything as clever as a manual override when there is no power. Everything is run by valves along with small engines pushing on these valves – ie. no power, no heat.

The neighbours may be trying to kill us

Earlier this year our fence got destroyed by a flying trampoline, and today our hedge got squashed by a car. To be fair there was a lot of snow, and the car had the wrong type of tires on, but I am starting to feel a bit worried about what will happen next.