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Candy in the name of science – FAIL

I wanted to do a simple experiment with the daughter and show her how dissolving a huge amount of sugar in water would allow us to make rock candy. However it failed in the most boring way. Not a single crystal was created. Maybe it had something to do with me trying to add color and flavor? Next time it will be just the basic.

There should have been a huge amount of sugar crystals growing on this stick...

Basic science

The daughter wanted to spend part of the vacation doing experiments so we decided to start with her doing some basic science: measuring, mixing, filtering, etc. It was a success and she was really interested in the different things. We never really got around to more interesting experiments but at least now she has a basic understanding of what skills are needed.

Hot vs Cold

The daughter did some small science experiments today with hot and cold water and food coloring. The conclusion? Hot water goes up, cold water goes down.

An ice cube filled with food coloring melting in water: