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Chocolate gouramis

I found a shop that actually had chocolate gouramis. These are in my opinion some very beautiful fish – however they are said to be extremely hard to keep. Now I guess I will find out. I bought five of them and put them in the tank. So far they are all still alive and they seem to be getting along quite nicely with the other dwarf gouramis.

Turtle update

The turtle is still doing fine and it now answers to the name Rosa.

And yes I still suck at taking pictures of aquariums.


My daughter really wanted a turtle, and I remember having one as a child and finding it quite fun. I also happened to still have my old fish tank, so we went out and bought a turtle – a yellow-eared slider (the only Wikipedia entry I can find is for the red-eared slider – but the are closely related as far as I can tell).

We asked the staff in a few different stores about how to properly care for the new turtle, and we bought lamps, a basking area, and food. At the moment the aquarium is a bit barren, but I will be investigating ways of puttingin plants and rocks while still keeping it easy to clean – turtles are quite messy.

Pictures will be available at a later time. With fish I have some experience to draw on but with this new turtle I am more or less in the dark in regards to how to care for it, so here’s hoping everything works out fine.

Mail order plants

I was getting tired of the selection of plants at several of the (more or less) local fish stores so I decided to look online. I found which has (among other things) a nice selection of plants – and reasonably priced as well.

However having never tried ordering plants online before I decided to go small – a couple of Hygrophila polysperma and a Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.

Furthermore I have been having trouble removing algae from the aquarium in an easy way without scratching the glass. Normally I use a razor blade but that scratches the glass to easily because of the bow front on my aquarium. I have tried using a household sponge but that too left scratch marks.

So I ordered two algae removers as well. One was basically a sponge on a stick and while it doesn’t scratch the glass it is unfortunately useless against the algae. The other appears to be steel wool on a plastic holder (it is called a “JBL Blanki”). I was really nervous trying this one out since I was sure it would leave huge scratch marks – however it did not and it was extremely easy removing the algae (only thing is I should have bought it on “on a stick” so I wouldn’t have to put my arm under water).

Everything arrived in a nice big box so nothing got squashed during transportation. The plants themselves were of course in small bags. They looked nice and healthy but I have a real talent for killing plants so they might not last long…


And finally a (lousy) picture of the aquarium with the new plants and a nice clean front.


All in all a good experience shopping online for plants.

Aquarium lights

Both of the light bulbs in my aquarium decided to stop working – although they did it a day apart so I had to go to the store twice.

Anyway I bought two new bulbs in different colors (one was 18.000K and the other was 4.200K – not that that means anything to me) and I decided to first setup the 18.000K one to see what it looked like. It looked very different from my old setup, so I decided to take a picture (I know the picture sucks. To make the picture somewhat stable I had to place the camera on top of the tv and then there was some nasty glare from the windows).

I then added the 4.200K one and took a new picture (I should probably have taken a picture of this bulb separately as well…).

I am amazed at the difference between the two pictures. It makes me want to experiment with different bulb colors.

Stuff from the last month


The boy is keeping me quite busy so I haven’t been able to find the time to do all the things I’d like – but the situation is slowly getting better.


Went to the cinema to see Transformers. It fully lived up to the action potential. You just can’t go wrong with huge robots smashing through large cities. However I wasn’t all that thriled with the design of the robots themselves – they were just too detailed to evoke much of an emotional response.


I bought Resident Evil 4 and have played through the first chapter. This game really works. The input devices are used in an intuitive way and the mood of the game is quite scary. The story even manages to be interesting despite the fact that I know nothing of the Resident Evil mythology.


I finally had some time to rearrange the contents of the aquarium and at the same time I added a few new fish: 1 butterfly fish, 1 siamese fighting fish, and 3 red gouramis. The next project will be to get some more plants in there.


We went out looking for possible kitchen arrangements for the new house and the sales person will be sending us a drawing and a price within the next two weeks. I already have some alterations I want but I’ll wait for the drawing before taking the ideas any further.