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3DS Usage 2011

tl;dr My son is a gamer. My daughter not so much.

All screenshots were taken on December 13th 2011. The son’s 3DS has been in usage since early June 2011 and the daughter’s 3DS since April 2011 – ie. roughly 7 months and 9 months respectively.

A funny thing to note is that while the daughter’s usage of the 3DS has declined since the initial phase (where anything new is used constantly) the son’s usage hasn’t really seen any drop. To be fair he also used the daughter’s 3DS before he got his own, so the stats are a bit skewed.

Also note that the scale on the son’s 3DS goes to 80 hours – on the daughter’s it is 60 hours.

The main points are as follows:

Son Daughter
Number of titles played 46 42
Steps taken 26433 39264
Favorite game Lego Star Wars III: The Clone War

Played 127 hours

New Super Mario Bros.

Played 43 hours

Play time 288 hours total

41 hours per month

1.3 hours per day

115 hours total

12 hours per month

0.4 hours per day


For more details look at the pretty pictures below.

Calvin and Hobbes (and another 3DS)

On Friday another package arrived from Amazon. The boy will be getting a 3DS for his birthday along with Ridge Racer 3D and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

While I was ordering stuff from Amazon I thought I might as well buy myself The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (it was half price) to go with my Complete Far Side. I had completely forgotten how much these complete-editions weigh. When I picked up the package I nearly dropped it on the floor – it weighed just a bit over 10kg.

It is great reading Calvin and Hobbes again. I am amazed at how consistently great Bill Watterson was. He really hit the ground running and never slowed down – both in regards to writing and drawing.

Nintendo 3DS

Yesterday the Nintendo 3DS I had bought for the daughter arrived from Amazon – and even though they listed the shipping time for their free shipping at 10 days it only took 8 days. So thank you Amazon!

Along with the 3DS I bought a basic carrying case (that unfortunately doesn’t have a good way to store the game cartridges) and 5 games:

So far the games that have been most popular have been New Super Mario Bros and Nintendogs + Cats. Super Scribblenauts is also great fun and she enjoys solving the puzzles but (at least for now) we play it as a two-player game where I read the puzzles out loud and help her spell – I have a feeling that it won’t be long until I am not needed, though.

Pilot Wings Resort has by far the best use of the new 3D effect. It just works, creates a great sense of immersion and it actually makes it easier to navigate the little plane around.

Super Monkey Ball 3D is also a fun little game even though the daughter has only tried out the puzzle mode – which she thinks is most fun when played using the internal gyroscope of the 3DS to control the playing field. Super Monkey Ball 3D also contains a racing game and a fighting game but due to the fact that the daughter is pretty much glued to the little screen I have been unable to try out those modes.

The augmented reality games that come with the 3DS are fantastic to play around with. They aren’t particularly advanced but they do show that augmented reality games can work. I was playing with the AR stuf with the son to show him what it was and then the daughter placed a Mario card on her and held it in front of the 3DS. On the screen Mario appeared to stand on her hand. The cautiously looked around the 3DS to see what was in her hand and when he show nothing was actually there he kind of shrugged and went back to thinking how cool is was to see Mario standing there. Who knows – he may be the first generation that ends up considering augmented reality to be a basic thing.

So in conclusion the Nintendo 3DS is a great little box. Sturdy build and the 3D works. The charging dock (while being really simple) just works. The main drawback is the battery life at 3-5 hours – however this has not been an actual problem yet as long as she remembers to place it on the charging dock. For long trips we will have to buy a charger for the car.

As we didn’t already own a Nintendo DSi I think it made a lot of sense to buy the 3DS. But if you already have a DSi you might want to hold out a bit. The really great games aren’t there yet (we need a new Mario or Zelda game) and by then they may have released a 3DSi with better battery life. There will also be a major firmware update coming as the 3DS doesn’t have a browser or the ability to use the DSi Shop right now.

Unboxing pictures