Ikea Hack – Standing Desk

I made an Ikea Hack and fashioned together a standing desk out of two shelves and some legs.

I used the Ekby Viktor shelf for the large top shelf where the external screen is and the Ekby Laiva shelf for the stand for the laptop (or keyboard/mouse).

For the legs I need some with a reasonable height that were also adjustable so I could make one shelf fit under the other. I ended up using the Godmorgon legs which can go from 22cm to 25cm. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap and I needed 8 of them…

The prices are as follows: Ekby Viktor: 29DKK; Ekby Laiva: 15DKK; 8 Godmorgon legs: 400DKK. All in all 444DKK for a hopefully useful approximation of a standing desk that doesn’t take too much effort to set up and use.

Yes, the screens are dusty and greasy.

No, the two shelves aren’t exactly the same color (one is black, the other is black/brown).

Yes, the external screen is up too high when I am sitting down but I am considering using the laptop as the main display when sitting down.

I will however need a wireless mouse since there isn’t quite enough room for both the cable and the mouse since the USB port is on the right side. I can use the trackpad on the laptop if I need to but I am so old that I still prefer a mouse.

ikea_hack_standing_desk_1 ikea_hack_standing_desk_2 ikea_hack_standing_desk_3 ikea_hack_standing_desk_4

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