CyanogenMod on ASUS Transformer Infinity using Fedora 19

Today I decided to finally make the jump and install CyanogenMod on my ASUS Transformer Infinity.

It turned out to be really easy. I needed some Android tools (adb and fastboot) which are available in the Fedora repositories

sudo yum install android-tools

I made sure to take a backup of all the data I had on the tablet first (books, comics, pdfs, sound files, etc.).

Make sure that “USB debugging” is enabled on the device. On Android 4.2 and newer this requires going to “Settings/About tablet” and tapping “Build number” 7 times (I kid you not). This will cause “Settings/Developer options” to magically appear and “USB debugging” can now be enabled.

When rebooting into the ClockworkMod Recovery (by choosing the “RCK” icon on the boot screen) I had to go into the “Mounts and storage” menu and “mount /data” to be able to make backups and find the zip files.

Then I just followed the official CyanogenMod installation instructions. Remember to download the Google Apps as well to get Play Store, etc.

And that’s it.

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