Caramel Popcorn

I have no idea why I suddenly felt like having Caramel Popcorn but here’s a recipe that actually turned out quite well (disregarding the fact that I burned the first batch in the oven). I should have made more, though.


Pop about 50g of popcorn kernels and set aside for later.

Caramel sauce

40g brown sugar

40g butter

2 tbsp honey

A pinch of salt


Pour all the ingredients for the caramel sauce into a pot and let it melt slowly while stirring. Increase heat and let it boil for 1 minute while stirring.

Take off heat and add a bit of vanilla extract if you want.

Pour sauce over popcorn and stir gently. Spread popcorn evenly onto a baking dish. Bake in a 110C oven for 10 minutes then take out and stir. Bake for another 10 minutes. Remove from oven.


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