ASUS Transformer failed to charge

This morning I wondered why there was so little battery left on my ASUS Transformer as I hadn’t been using it more than usual the day before. It turns out that the charger had gone wonky and therefore it hadn’t actually been charged the last couple of days.

At first I suspected a faulty cable and luckily I had come prepared for just this emergency and had a spare cable – however that didn’t make any difference (and the cable worked fine when I connected the Transformer to my laptop).

The charger itself is on of these blocks designed for use in multiple countries where you can take the plug part off and put on a different on.

I took it apart and on a hunch I decided to slight bend the two inside prongs a bit outwards. Put the thing back together again and now it charges again.

So be sure to try this if you ASUS Transformer fails to charge.

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