Sugru FTW

I recently bought a pack of Sugru. I kept 3 packets for myself and passed the rest around the office. This is really great stuff… I had a broken soap dispenser in the kitchen sink. It would leak soap from the pump mechanism due to a fractured piece of plastic. I rinsed it with lots of water to make sure there was no soap residue and jammed in a bit of Sugru. Now it works perfectly again – maybe even a bit better as it seems the plastic broke due to it rocking slightly back and forth every time you squished out some soap and the Sugru appears to be flexible enough that this shouldn’t be an issue.

I didn’t use that much for the soap dispenser, so I tried using the rest to keep a rivet in place that had jumped out of its joint – so far it is holding up but it is under more pressure than I would expect Sugru to hold up to.

My next Sugru fix came when a bathroom sink started leaking from the drain trap. It is a plastic drain trap that consists of two plastic parts glued together and it came slightly apart at the seam (why this wasn’t a solid mold I do not understand). I took it off, let it dry and put Sugru all the way around. No more leaking. Unfortunately I didn’t have any white Sugru so now it’s filled with blue stuff…

My conclusion it that you should always have a bit of Sugru in the house – it is just too damn handy.

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