3DS Usage 2011

tl;dr My son is a gamer. My daughter not so much.

All screenshots were taken on December 13th 2011. The son’s 3DS has been in usage since early June 2011 and the daughter’s 3DS since April 2011 – ie. roughly 7 months and 9 months respectively.

A funny thing to note is that while the daughter’s usage of the 3DS has declined since the initial phase (where anything new is used constantly) the son’s usage hasn’t really seen any drop. To be fair he also used the daughter’s 3DS before he got his own, so the stats are a bit skewed.

Also note that the scale on the son’s 3DS goes to 80 hours – on the daughter’s it is 60 hours.

The main points are as follows:

Son Daughter
Number of titles played 46 42
Steps taken 26433 39264
Favorite game Lego Star Wars III: The Clone War

Played 127 hours

New Super Mario Bros.

Played 43 hours

Play time 288 hours total

41 hours per month

1.3 hours per day

115 hours total

12 hours per month

0.4 hours per day


For more details look at the pretty pictures below.


  1. Jørn says:

    The stats are a very cool thing about the 3DS. I guess that the lack of marketing this feature is because only nerds truly appreciate it. If my son wasn’t in the midst of transitioning to a smartphone this feature alone could justify a 3DS purchase 🙂

  2. Jørn says:

    Hey – and congrats with the blog post.

  3. Very interesting. Any chance of exporting the data? An aggregated graph with total usage/month would help interpret the results for the individual games.

  4. Mads Villadsen says:

    Unfortunately there is no export functionality.

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