The runaway flip-flop

Don’t expect anything about electronics here – by flip-flop I mean the shoe.

I get home from work on Friday and I notice that the daughter’s flip-flop is looking kind of lonely.

I feel so lonely...

I ask her about it and get the reply “it’s on the roof” as if that’s the most natural thing in the world. She goes on to explain how it got up there and apparently it all makes perfect sense to her but all I am left with are more questions. Kids.

The roof, the roof...

Luckily for me the son is an avid collector of all kinds of stick, twigs and branches so I pick out a nice long stick with a V-shape at the end and lift the flip-flop down from the roof. Yay, dad is a hero!

Together again

Not the most interesting story but it felt absurd when I was in the middle of it, so I had to write it down.

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