Foo Fighters Concert, Copenhagen 2011-06-21

I went to see Foo Fighters live in concert in Copenhagen yesterday. A great experience that I shared with 17000 other people.

I left from work early to take the train to Copenhagen and the train was filled with other people going to the concert so there was a lot of talk about music and an all-round nice atmosphere.

After getting off the train at the central station in Copenhagen I decided to walk to Refshaleøen where the concert was. It was a pretty long walk so luckily I had decided to walk by the pickup spot for the shuttle buses and one came along just as I got there so I took the bus the rest of the way.

Apparently there were no roads where we were going as the bus dropped us off and we had to walk Lemmings-style along a long marked path.

You can almost hear the Lemmings theme tune

It's somewere behind there

Audience parking

After sitting and waiting for a while we were let in (around five o’clock) and I headed for the inner circle to get a nice spot (which proved to be no problem at all since there were maybe a hundred people in the inner circle when I got there).


The back of the stage and the beautiful sight of beer

The empty stage

Then I waited again for Biffy Clyro to get on stage. I had never heard of them before and didn’t really expect much when they took to the stage shirtless (with the exception of one guy wearing a nice shirt and black pants and jacket). I was blown away from the first second. These guys know how to rock. Even without me knowing a single song they had me completely entertained for the hour or so their set lasted. So I am now a Biffy Clyro fan.

Biffy Clyro

After that there was some more downtime while the crew took everything apart and set up the new instruments for The Gaslight Anthem. Another band I had never heard of.

The hard working crew tearing stuff down

The Gaslight Anthem didn’t impress me in the same way as Biffy Clyro had. They are a New Jersey rock band and the lead singer had great charisma and an amazing voice that reminded me a bit of Springsteen. Their music as a whole in fact seemed to me as what Springsteen might sound like if he more of a hard rock edge. It wasn’t until the very last song that I really started to warm up to them. I may have to check out some of their music – I have feeling this is one of those bands that you can get really into after listening to their songs for a while.

The Gaslight Anthem

After The Gaslight Anthem were done with their set the crew got back to get rid of their stuff and unpack the Foo Fighters’ gear (which was all shinier and just nicer then the other bands’ stuff – but I guess that just the way it is). At this point I was honestly thinking that the Foo Fighters would have difficulty delivering the same raw energy that Cliffy Byro.

Foo Fighters took to the stage around nine o’clock, the crowd roared and everyone was blown away by the first four songs played back to back. They continued to deliver a show of amazing quality with a song selection that was pretty much perfect for me. How they managed to keep up the energy level without dropping dead I don’t know.

Dave Grohl welcomes the audience

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl rocking out

Dave Grohl - more rocking

I sometimes wondered if his head would fly off

I tried to record some small video clips to get a feel for the mood and energy but due to the loudness of the music the sound came out all distorted and useless. So there are only pictures.

The show was over about half past eleven and with all the people there it meant I had to walk quite fast if I wanted to catch the last train home. So I moved (somewhat elegantly) through the crowd and when I got to the shuttle buses I (barely) managed to squeeze into the last one available. However due to all the people pouring out the bus was completely stuck… And time was ticking away. After nearly ten minutes I decided to get out and walk as fast as I could to the central station. Google Maps said I would be 5 minutes late for the train so I picked up the pace a bit more.

By the time I got to the drop-off point for the shuttle buses I was sweating a bit more than I would have liked but at least Google Maps now said I would be at the train with 3 minutes to spare. Not satisfied with this (as I needed time to buy something to drink) I hailed a cab and was at the train station 15 minutes before the train was set to leave. And then it turns out that all the 7-Elevens were closed. What is the point of a 7-Eleven if it closes at midnight? So nothing to drink for me.

I got on the train along with a lot of other people and was fortunate enough to get a seat and I even managed to sleep a bit on the way home.

Got home at six o’clock in the morning, took a shower, helped a little bit with getting the kids ready for school and kindergarten and then crashed in bed for a few hours.

If would definitely go to another Foo Fighters concert – and if Biffy Clyro is ever in the neighborhood I recommend checking them out as well.

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