Asus Transformer

After waiting a really long time my new Asus Transformer finally arrived on Monday. At the bottom are some unboxing pictures.

There are many nice things to say about the tablet. It is light weight, the screen has really nice colors, the resolution is good enough to read comics and books. It is however a (very) glossy screen so it is only really useful inside.

The Android 3.1 interface seems very responsive and the few apps that take advantage of the screen size are a joy to work with – and regular apps work just fine for the most part.

A very bad thing in my mind is that it uses a proprietary connector (presumably to make it easier to dock with the keyboard (which I have not bought)). On top of that it does not present itself as a USB mass storage device but as an MTP device – thus making it difficult to transfer files. The easiest solution so far has been to install an FTP server on the tablet..

All that being said I am so far really pleased with my purchase – but I may still be a bit high from simply getting a new gadget. Time will tell if it turns out to be as useful and entertaining as I imagine.

The on-screen keyboard is quite useful (I have used it to write this blog post) however I have so far been unable to find a way to write for a longer period of time without hurting my wrists as there is no natural place to rest them without pushing all kinds of random things on the touch screen – so in that respect the keyboard dock might make sense (but then again so would a small laptop if the plan was to do a lot of writing).

In conclusion I am a happy customer and if you are looking to buy a new gadget make it an Asus Transformer.


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