Lalandia – 2 of 4

Started the day at the play area which has many things for the kids to crawl around in and slide down. It also had something quite similar to a pneumatic mail system which was used to transport soft balls up to four cannons – where the balls were used as ammunition to shoot at the people below.

Later we took part in a candy-making session where the kids made lollipops.

After this it was of to the waterpark once again. This time the daughter wanted to try the larger water slides and we ended up taking quite a few turns down a fast and wild slide in a two-person floaty.

After all of this the kids were starting to show early signs of being tired. However the daughter wanted to jump on a trampoline and the son wanted to play the motorcycle game again so we did that first. Afterwards there was a “kids disco” where the local mascot and a girl sang some songs and danced with the kids.

The kids were completely wasted after this so we went back to the house for dinner followed by bedtime.

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