Lalandia – 1 of 4

Packed the car and drove Lalandia in Billund to spend the next four days with the family for a small vacation.

We arrived at the small house we had rented and punched in our code to unlock the door. The house was quite new and had everything you could want: kitchen, bathroom, living room, a bedroom for the kids, and a bedroom for the adults. Dishwasher, micro wave oven, washing machine, oven, TV. There wasn’t any Wi-Fi but there was a Cat-5 plug in the wall – however it didn’t work.

The son (for some reason) wanted to sleep in the crib and since that was placed in the parent’s bedroom we had to do some interior decorating to get everything to our liking.

A nice little thing was the plastic RFID bracelets for the entire family that we use to lock/unlock the door to the house and get into the waterpark and the play areas – so no keys needed. The only strange thing is that we still need to have a card for the parking. Why that isn’t hooked up to the RFID tag I can’t understand.

After unpacking everything we went to the waterpark – which is without a doubt the greatest waterpark we have ever been in. Lots of slides (big and small) and different pools with different temperatures and activities. This should be fun for at least the four days we are here.

After a few hours in the water we went back to the house for dinner, and then back to see what else Lalandia had to offer. The kids played two games each at the arcade (a drum game, a motorcycle game, and a “hit the groundhogs on the head with a mallet” game) – great fun. I got to play both Galaga and Pac-Man so I was delighted (and I haven’t completely lost my touch even if I was nowhere near any kind of record).

Tomorrow we’ll see what the play areas have to offer and of course we’ll try out more water slides.

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