New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Littlest Pet Shop

Santa brought along two games for the Wii this Christmas: New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Littlest Pet Shop (for the daughter).

Super Mario Bros. is an incredible game – as could be expected. The graphics and sound are both excellent for a 2D platformer, and the level design is fantastic (and I’ve only gotten to world 2). So if you like platformers this one is a must-have.

The daughter has spent around an hour or so playing Littlest Pet Shop, and she thinks it is remarkably fun. You play minigames to earn money to buy clothes, toys and pets, and then you get to dress up and play with those pets. Littlest Pet Shop toys were one of the she things she most wanted for Christmas this year, and the game really fits will into the rest of the franchise. And all the in-game text is available in Danish which as always nice.

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