Learning with the PooYoos Episode 1

I just bought Learning with the PooYoos Episode 1 for the son. It was a WiiWare download for 500 points (ie. 5 Euros), which means I just downloaded it on a whim to see if a game targeted at 3-6 year-olds could be any fun.

Now my son is only 2 but he managed to play the game just fine. All the kid has to do is shake the wiimote or mash some buttons on it. Simple enough. The colors are bright, the characters are cute – what else can you ask for? The only real problem is that the game features English speech, so I have to be nearby to give the instructions.

The game consists of 6 minigames of which 2 are dancing games (which the son did not care for at all – but you can mash buttons and make stuff happen while the characters dance, so it was okay), 2 are “push any button and stuff happens” games. Which only leaves 2 actual games: One is a very simple game where you shake the wiimote to blow up bubbles (great fun!) and the other is a pattern matching game where you have to figure out which character matches a given silhouette.

So even though 500 points isn’t a lot it still seems a bit much for what is basically 4 very small minigames. I guess it all depends on the replay value (which I can’t comment on yet). However given that this is the only Wii game that targets really young kids I think it is a must-have for families with small children.

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