Inglorious Basterds

Went with a colleague to see the new Tarantino movie Inglorius Basterds on Friday. As expected the movie was very entertaining. As usual in Tarantino’s movies there is a large cast of memorable characters, but what I really liked about the movie was the way many of the scenes had been shot in a style that reminded me of old westerns – especially the “you know this is gonna end badly” scene in the basement with the nazis. Recommended.

Before the movie there was a trailer for Zombieland which looked like a lot fun. I mean who doesn’t like zombies…

On Saturday I finally got around to watching Fight Club… Only ten years after it was released. An interesting movie although I do think it must have felt more revolutionary when it came out. A fine movie. I am glad I saw it, but I probably won’t be seeing it again soon. But it does make we wonder what other cult-ish movies I have missed out on in the last decade?

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