Compaq Mini 700

The daughter is turning six on Thursday so I think it is about time she got her own computer. These days it makes a lot of sense to buy a netbook for the kids since they are relatively cheap, lightweight, and small.

So she will be getting a Compaq Mini 700. A pretty standard 10″ netbook with 80GB harddrive and 1GB RAM.

I have it all up and running Fedora 11 now – I just need to transfer her settings and bookmarks from the wife’s computer. I decided to start her out using Gnome with a one-panel layout on the left hand side of the screen. She is used to it being a the bottom, but on a screen this small you can afford to waste pixels vertically. When Fedora 12 goes gold I will probably play around with Moblin since it is better suited for netbooks.

I faced two problems in getting things to work. First of all the wired network adapter didn’t work. The solution is to specify acpi_os_name=Linux on the kernel line in /etc/grub.conf. Next up was getting the wireless to work. It is a Broadcom chipset, and requires some proprietary bits to work. So enable the rpmfusion repository and install the broadcom-wl and kernel-devel packages. On the next reboot a new kernel module will be compiled and the wireless should work.

Now I just need to develop a small, easy to use media browser so she can watch all her movies that are stored on the media server.

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