Asperger no more?

I spent Wednesday through Friday at the third (and last) part of my project management course. This was the touchy-feely part of the course which involved smaller groups, feedback, lots of words, and videotaping and observation by a psychologist.

At the end of the course we all had to tell the other participants what we thought their strengths were. The psychologist also weighed in with his professional opinion after having observed us for three days.

So what did the psychologist think my strength was? My “ability to see and understand human relations”.

When I told this to my wife her first reaction was to laugh, and demand that the psychologist had his license taken away. After thinking about it for a while she came to the conclusion that I may just be good at picking up the rules of the game, and therefore I was able to play along in this controlled setting… Whatever the case may be this is the first time I have ever been told that I am good at human relations.

I did also get to act the part of a somewhat arrogant, technically confident computer scientist with a temper – something that came perhaps a bit too naturally to me.

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