My daughter really wanted a turtle, and I remember having one as a child and finding it quite fun. I also happened to still have my old fish tank, so we went out and bought a turtle – a yellow-eared slider (the only Wikipedia entry I can find is for the red-eared slider – but the are closely related as far as I can tell).

We asked the staff in a few different stores about how to properly care for the new turtle, and we bought lamps, a basking area, and food. At the moment the aquarium is a bit barren, but I will be investigating ways of puttingin plants and rocks while still keeping it easy to clean – turtles are quite messy.

Pictures will be available at a later time. With fish I have some experience to draw on but with this new turtle I am more or less in the dark in regards to how to care for it, so here’s hoping everything works out fine.

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