Mail order plants

I was getting tired of the selection of plants at several of the (more or less) local fish stores so I decided to look online. I found which has (among other things) a nice selection of plants – and reasonably priced as well.

However having never tried ordering plants online before I decided to go small – a couple of Hygrophila polysperma and a Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.

Furthermore I have been having trouble removing algae from the aquarium in an easy way without scratching the glass. Normally I use a razor blade but that scratches the glass to easily because of the bow front on my aquarium. I have tried using a household sponge but that too left scratch marks.

So I ordered two algae removers as well. One was basically a sponge on a stick and while it doesn’t scratch the glass it is unfortunately useless against the algae. The other appears to be steel wool on a plastic holder (it is called a “JBL Blanki”). I was really nervous trying this one out since I was sure it would leave huge scratch marks – however it did not and it was extremely easy removing the algae (only thing is I should have bought it on “on a stick” so I wouldn’t have to put my arm under water).

Everything arrived in a nice big box so nothing got squashed during transportation. The plants themselves were of course in small bags. They looked nice and healthy but I have a real talent for killing plants so they might not last long…


And finally a (lousy) picture of the aquarium with the new plants and a nice clean front.


All in all a good experience shopping online for plants.

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