Aquarium lights

Both of the light bulbs in my aquarium decided to stop working – although they did it a day apart so I had to go to the store twice.

Anyway I bought two new bulbs in different colors (one was 18.000K and the other was 4.200K – not that that means anything to me) and I decided to first setup the 18.000K one to see what it looked like. It looked very different from my old setup, so I decided to take a picture (I know the picture sucks. To make the picture somewhat stable I had to place the camera on top of the tv and then there was some nasty glare from the windows).

I then added the 4.200K one and took a new picture (I should probably have taken a picture of this bulb separately as well…).

I am amazed at the difference between the two pictures. It makes me want to experiment with different bulb colors.

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