Asperger Test

Read a blog entry about an online Asperger Test.

The disclaimer on the site said: “This test is designed for fun. It is not meant to test you for any disorder (real or imagined). You can’t glean anything meaningful from this test without consulting with a mental health professional.”

I took the test anyway… Ended up with a score of 30.

According to the site a score of 24 is “Average math contest winner” and “Scores over 32 are generally taken to indicate Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism”. A score of 21 is said to be the “Average male or female computer scientist”.

This explains a few things…


  1. You’re a obsessive nutcase, but we already knew that.

    I only scored 29.

  2. Eeek, I’m below a female biologist… I scored 14.

  3. Now, who puts up the Asparagus Test?

  4. Bolette Ammitzbøll Madsen says:

    Scored 25, so a bit above the average computer scientist, but wauw Mikkel is social!

  5. Mother of God, I got a 10. Is that good?

  6. Thomas Skou Hansen says:

    Scored 31. I’m now officially an nerd, however, I’m also in my prime 😉

  7. KÃ¥re says:

    “24 Average math contest winner”

    Is that winner of a contest with average math, or the average winner of a math contest?

    Haha! Bolette is a worse geek than me 🙂

  8. Asger says:

    Scored 28. Not really a surprise. Many redundant questions, though. Part of the test, perhaps.

  9. Lars Clausen says:

    I only got to 26. I feel out-nerded.

  10. Trine Kornum Christiansen says:

    33 – tror I jeg skulle finde mig en læge?

  11. Jeppe says:

    En 14’er! Hvad sker der?!? Lavere end average woman, og sÃ¥ vinder jeg aldrig en math contest. Ku være jeg sku overveje en strikke-konkurrence istedet. 🙂

  12. Jette says:

    Hmmm… 15…. well… not a big surprise after all.

  13. 13. Toke forced me to take the test. I’m of course way too diplomatic to argue with him. 😉

  14. Colin says:

    23. I’m amazed. I’ve always thought my nerd-cred was a bit limited, but I’m obviously worse than I realised.

  15. Dorete says:

    29 – hmm – I think I must have made some errors when filling out the questionnaire…

  16. Bjarne says:

    ha ha. 22 – meget gennemsnitligt 😉

  17. Lou says:

    22 – suk, en skabsnørd pÃ¥ 1. sal. Gad vide om jeg bør søge om opgradering til 3. sal?

  18. Mikis says:

    Hrrmm, couldn’t get the score above 15 🙁

  19. Henning says:

    24… Er man sÃ¥ hverken eller?

  20. Adam Tulinius says:

    Ny highscore på kontoret: 38.

  21. Kim says:

    Jeg kunne ikke svinge den højere end 17

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